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On the interpretative life dance.

They roam between us, seen and unseen, known and unknown all at once. They avoid us and intrude all at the same time. We exist all together on one and many planes floating around, sometimes crossing paths, every now and then colliding, maybe it isn’t a plane at all, maybe to think of it as such is to suppose that the earth is flat and one risks falling off the edge if they get too close. Maybe in fact existence is all one big collaborative dance, and we have to learn, and sometimes we have to be lead, and eventually we will have to lead, and we have to be competent in everything if we are not to step on people’s toes. We have to be interprative and precise and adaptive and quick and always considering but never standing still too long and constantly swaying between balanced and falling. You must always be falling if you are to keep moving, always scared of the next step in order to keep on your toes. But alas I digress. What just happened?